Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ask your Child Specific Questions...

My little men are so busy discovering life and exploring their world that it can easy for me to wrongly assume that they are always happy. On the contrary, quite often they have heavy loads on their tender minds... loads too big for them to carry on their own.

But what I've discovered (yet again) this evening is that I need to keep asking my children specific questions about things in their lives. They are too young to know what things they should talk about and how to bring them up...

I had the painful privilege of holding my son tonight while he cried, sobbing into my chest one of his greatest fears - something he needed to unload. And it broke my heart. And I am so thankful because if he hadn't brought it up, it would still be on his mind. You know, it was something that was not even remotely true, but his tiny precious soul was aching because of it.

Keep talking to your babies my friends... I know I've said it before, but pretty soon they will be all grown up, and that world they are discovering will be calling them forth. Hugs to you!

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