Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can a Child Read the Bible?

I was reading about pioneers and what life was like back in the days when things were just getting started around here. And as I was flipping through this book, something JUMPED off the page and struck me square across the face... parents and teachers used the Bible to teach children how to read!

Now why is this such a revelation to me? Because it seems to me that we don't give kids (or God's Word) enough credit. We are always dancing around the Words, celebrating the "BOOK", trying to make things interesting so that they will be accepted and understood... all the while avoiding the Book itself, and subsequently losing a beautiful opportunity to strike up a child's heart and desire for the pure and unchanging Word of God - the Bible.

So these little ones learned how to read by reading the best book of all. And they were taught to go to it for answers, and by repetitive reading they were hiding it in their hearts (that they might not sin against Him - Psalm 119:11). How cool is that??

I think I will toss out my fear that my kids will not find the bible interesting. It is LIVING AND ACTIVE (Hebrews 4:12) and I have experienced this. I want them to experience it too. No second hand lesson about the Book (no matter how wonderful it is - don't get me wrong, they have their place!) will ever be better than the Word itself. :-)

Now I've learned my ABCs
and practiced words like "Thanks" and "Please",
Run and frolicked in the sun,
I find a place to sit with mum.

Pa picks up the well-worn Book
and to our God we now will look.
I love to hear the special story
that leads me safely to His glory.

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