Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Hallowe'en for Christians?

How does a Christian family decide whether or not to celebrate Hallowe'en? How about Santa Claus? What should be the deciding factors?

The bible says that there are issues that are "disputable", and we are not to pass judgement on others who are not the same as us in these areas (Romans 14:1-3).

One family may see Hallowe'en as an innocent day to dress up the kids and get some candy. Another family may give out treats to be visible for Jesus. And yet another may feel that Hallowe'en is not appropriate due to it's origins and the practices it encourages in some parts of society.

Santa Claus could be a beloved childhood tradition, or to some a way to teach the love of Saint Nicholas, while still others may see the 'fat guy in the red suit' as an "idol" for their children, and choose to celebrate Christmas another way.

Again, what are the deciding factors? I think each person needs to know. Romans 14:13-14 speaks about not causing our brothers to stumble, and knowing for yourself what you see as "right". Remember I'm still talking about the disputable matters here and not concerns of vital doctrine, etc. If you feel guilty about celebrating Hallowe'en, don't do it. If you feel it's fine and your brother doesn't, don't convince him to do it.... because for him, it is "unclean".

Do everything out of faith (Romans 14:23), and teach the kids to do the same. For whatever reason we celebrate or don't celebrate an occasion, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to teach our children these lessons, and talk to them about knowing WHY they do what they do, and how to do it all FOR THE LORD.

Happy end-of-October friends. ttyl


Perfectlove said...

hmmm.... Not celebrated haloween has its up.
I have celebrated it as a child, It was fun and innocent, but as I was later learning and was into, Halloween isnt just all trick-or-treating fun, it can get quite dark.
(Not the kind of dark that you would see at night).
I now try to stay away from Halloween, brings back some memories of what I use to be in. hmm...
I love you spaceofgrace and love to read on how you are raising your kids, you are an awsome mom and I am glad I can learn tips from you ( dont worry, I wont be popping babies out anytime soon:P)
Happy "End of October"

Dustybug said...

Great post! I was raised to not celebrate Halloween, and never fully understood why. Now, as an adult, I don't see much harm in it, but we do avoid certain things and aspects of it: no "evil" costumes, etc.

I agree that it is one of those things that no two Christians will view the same way, so we must all come to our own conclusions through prayer!

Octamom said...

So appreciate your thoughts on this. We didn't 'do' the Halloween thing for a while--we went to Harvest Festivals at church, etc. But then we discovered that we were able to really get to meet the people living around us, interact with them on the one night everyone seemed to be home and out on the sidewalks and enjoying each other--on Halloween. We've now made it a tradition to hand out TONS of candy and bless people and play praise and worship music--it's really become a night of sweet fellowship for us--just a small way that the Lord can use something others intend for evil and turn it for the good.


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