Monday, October 20, 2008

The most effective way to teach kids about God... is to teach kids about God.

Whoa. What kind of a title is that? Isn't that just a little bit obvious? I mean, really Rachel, sounds like you are finally losing your mind. DUH.

Ok, before you abandon me here and click off to the REAL bible teaching websites... hear me out a second. :-) Let me ask you a question:

How many actual minutes per day do you spend reading the bible to your children and talking to them about what you've read?

Nope... devotional books don't count.
No... can't count the teaching they get at school, or church.
Bible story books? Uh uh.

Yes, I know all of these things are good, but they are really just supposed to lead point us to the REAL THING -> God's Word. The only living and active Words - the ones that will lead your child's heart to the Lord - are the Lord's.

Ok, we agree. But what about other distractions? There are many good things, but what is the best thing? My hubby is a great illustration of what I'm trying to say, so I'm going tell you his story:

A couple of years ago, my husband started meeting regularly with an older man who became his Christian mentor. He invited him to come along to a men's breakfast held on Saturday mornings. The purpose of the group was to teach men to be better husbands and fathers. My hubby went along for a while and enjoyed this time with the guys, bringing home interesting tidbits about what he was learning.

Then all of a sudden one Saturday, he arrived home about 5 minutes after he had left (he was usually gone an hour) and announced his resignation. When I asked him why, he smiled and said that suddenly it hit him.... here he was going to a lovely breakfast to learn how to be a better husband and father, while he was leaving behind his wife and children to fend for themselves!

So I repeat: The best way to do something is to do something. The most effective way to teach kids about God... is to teach kids about God.

I wonder how many other good things get in the way of the best thing?
- books
- conferences
- sermons
- concerts
- mom's groups
- bible study groups

and personally for me:
- blogging
- cleaning
- running errands
- extra-curricular activites
- blogging (oops I mentioned that one)
- listening to music

Ouch. I think I waste way too much time. All of these things sometimes seem more interesting than reading the bible as it is written to my children. But at those times, I am being deceived. The bible is purely and truly the best way to go. How can my children respond to the call of God if they don't hear His Words whispering in their hearts? Daily...

And the more I pour the Word into them, the more they will love and desire it. Because they won't be deceived either. God help me... I have a long way to go!! Could you pray for me please? thanks....


Tammie said...

i know what you mean. when my daughter was tiny, i would read the little sunday school paper to her when she brought it home. then i noticed that the Bible passage that the story had come from was in the upper right hand corner. so then i started reading the story from the Bible every night during the week to review it. by the time she was four years old, she would listen to CHAPTERS while i tried to read her to sleep during her afternoon nap time. :D her dad read through the Bible with her a bedtime before she could read for herself very well. you know what Paul said in Romans: faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

it's true. she is now a young woman of faith and has a vibrant relationship with the Lord.

Christina said...

I remember those times. My favorite was the story of Joseph and my mom (Tammie who posted above) read it over and over to me. Thanks again for the encouragement, Rachel. May the Lord help each of us to be mothers who glorify Him!

Sharon said...

You are definitely on the right track. :)

When I began homeschooling my one and only, we started each morning with our Bibles opened and we took turns reading. Over the years, we've read through the entire Bible more than once. After reading we would discuss what we read and there usually was a great lesson. The main thing is to point them to God and let them know He is ALWAYS here for them and that we should always obey His Word. I drilled this into my daughter and am now reaping the huge blessings of a young adult woman who loves the Lord and serves Him.

Maggie said...

Great post!! =) I need to be in His Word more often myself!

Tammie said...


Maggie's comment reminds me that sometimes when Christina was little, the only time i had to spend listening to the Lord was when i was reading to her. so it served two purposes, and we both are richer for it.

Minister Mamie L. Pack said...

This is such a wonderful reminder to stay focused on the Word of God and to keep those distractions at bay. We must choose to stay connected which is a daily choice. Thank you for this posting.

with blessings,

Minister Mamie

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