Sunday, October 26, 2008


Once a month my husband turns into a Buddhist monk.... Now before you go switching blogs on me, hear me out. He is actually teaching my boys about God! We read about this fab idea in the totally cool book, "The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys" by Dave Meurer (this is a must read for anyone with boys - this guy is SOOOO funny, and encouraging).

Dave was having a challenge keeping the attention of a grade 5 Sunday school class (I know, absurd, huh? ) UNTIL he decided to turn the tables on the kids. He he. He set himself up as someone who has never heard of the Living God and challenged the (little hooligans) um, youth to convice HIM that they were right about their beliefs.

This worked so well and led to so many more bible learning adventures that Dave was (stuck), um, blessed teaching the grade 6 class the next year!

Anyhoo... my hubby thought this was awesome and oh, so cool. And my boys just LOVE trying to show daddy, the buddhist monk, how wrong he is and how right they are. They get so excited that they even resort to opening their bibles and searching for scriptures to prove their superior intelligence in this matter. ****WARNING - if you play this game with boys, you will need to follow up with a lesson on humility and how ALL of our gifts come from God.

It is sooo worth it. I love to see their eyes light up and their eager little faces as they seek to know God and make Him known. Even my monk-y hubby gets a tell-tale twinkle in his baby blues....

If you are looking for a laugh and some great biblical encouragement, I highly recommend you visit and check out his books. You won't regret it!

TTYL friends :-)!


maha said...

Let's get this straight -- your husband pretends to be a Buddhist monk (and I assume he doesn't know Buddhism from spinach; few non-Buddhists do) so that your children can have fake arguments with him so they can feel superior to Buddhists? That's twisted.

You should argue with a real Buddhist monk sometime. You might learn something.

Spaceofgrace said...

That's hardly what I meant Maha.. and yes my husband knows much about other religions. How can one make an informed decision about which religion is truth if you don't know anything?

I'm sorry you felt offended by my post... but yes, we are Christian, and will stand for the truth.

Spaceofgrace said...

And Maha, if you are still reading, as a Christian I recognize how sinful I am and in need of a Saviour, Jesus... just the opposite of superiority... that was just a joke about my kids feeling superior to their dad.

anyway i'm glad you commented, and hope you have a good day.

Maggie said...

It got the boys engaged and allowed them to become openly passionate about their faith, forcing them to apply what they had already learned to witness to a 'non-believer'. Sounds like a great leasson to me!! =)

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