Friday, October 24, 2008

Pen and Paper and other CRUDE writing instruments....

I went shopping today to buy, what I thought, was a simple item... a stationary set for writing letters. After several trips into STATIONARY stores with no luck whatsoever, I went home and decided to search for one on-line. Sigh.

Guess where I found it? The Canadian MUSEUM of Civilizations (I am so serious!):

You've got to be kidding me.... A real-live article written about "Writing Instruments and Stationary" as if we people who used to use such things are now ANCIENT relics to be placed alongside our quills in a dusty museum (I didn't actually read the article. I couldn't get past my shock.)!!

I mean, I knew when I passed the big 3-0 that I was no longer a plucky spring chicken (not to mention the 4 boys who honestly, have been the ones to add most of my wrinkles, not the passage of time thank you very much) but I'm not THAT old! Jiminy Cricket! (And please don't tell me you don't know who HE is....)

I am now BOUND and DETERMINED that my children will become well versed in the lost art of COMMUNICATION. Perhaps I will even make them practice that scrawling-messy-ink-blobbing thing called penmanship and let them write some thank you notes after Christmas! Yeah! Or memorize some scripture verses by putting quill to paper. :-)

Honestly I think in this new age of fast and furious technology, we miss the blessing of actually thinking about our subjects as we write, pondering our thoughts and feelings, and putting some love and effort into our correspondence. I will find and order a stationary set (not from the museum) and maybe I'll even write one of you fine mommies a letter - umm.. if I can find my bifocals and get up off this rocking chair...

Where's my cane?


Mc Allen said...

Im with ya girl. I have 4 girls and they think that sending thank you notes is ridiculous... We will stick to our guns, and get it going again, one letter at a time!! ;) L A

Maggie said...

That last part cracked me up!! =) I have always LOVED stationary. I have a whole drawer full upstairs that I've collected over the years. Though, I don't write as many handwritten letters as I used to, I still love it.

You know, it's funny you say that about re-introducing it to your kids. When our older boy gets in trouble at school, we make him hand write an apology note to his teacher. We have also had him copy scripture out of the Bible during bible studies at home, and also sometimes as part of his punishment when he gets in trouble. We find verses that show his wrong doing and have him copy the verses down and study them, after we've talked to him about it. I think that is way more effective than just sending him to his room.

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