Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Helping a child through emotional burdens

It's on my mind... how can I help my children learn to deal with their emotional burdens?

What do your children see when difficulties come into your life?

Surrender and prayer?

I've heard a few different theories about what emotional burdens to expose to children. Here are a few:
1. Don't expose your children to adult worries. Stay strong for them and don't give them emotional burdens they can't handle.
2. Allow your children to see the realities of life, so that they can learn from them early on.
3. Tell your children about challenges but don't let them see you challenged.

Here are my thoughts....

I agree that children do not need to carry adult burdens, especially emotional ones. This I believe, is very important. However, if you shelter your children from all of life's difficulties, they will be very shocked and overwhelmed when real life eventually hits them.

My children WILL see difficulties come my way. That is unavoidable. If they spend any time whatsoever in the household, my kids will see me challenged, and sometimes downright overwhelmed.

But what will they see me do in response???

I think that is the most important thing. I don't want them to see me immediately spring into action, fixing everything myself and trying to be superwoman. I also don't want them to see me consistently losing my cool, getting angry or dissolving in tears when difficulties come.

What I WANT them to see, is me consistently surrendering to God, and letting difficulties DRIVE ME to my KNEES. I want them to see this. They are my little apprentices, and they will learn a LOT from what I do. I want them to learn that God is the first stop for all the circumstances of life. They need to see me in prayer. They need to see me in surrender. They need to see me giving God the reigns.

And then they need to see me respond to God's leading. This is when the action comes in, not before, and in the Spirit of the Lord... not my own strength.

So guess what they will start to do when emotional burdens come their way? And I will help them and guide them into doing it. God wants to carry those little ones and their worries.

So that's it. That was on my mind this morning. Prayers for you and yours.


Christina said...

Thank you, Rachel, this was encouraging. I'll be thinking some more about this!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Children do learn by example and what better way to teach them to turn to God in times of trouble.

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