Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Passing it on...

Today a friend gave me a bible study book that she used to use, saying that she prays will be a help to me. It's very special to me for a few reasons:

1. She loves me, and she is contantly modelling to me the love of Christ.
2. She wants to point me to the Lord, the best Friend anyone could ever have.
3. She passed it on with prayer.

I've already started to use it. It's really cool - a three year course to study the entire bible. And because it was given to me this way, I am especially receptive to doing all I can to grasp the gift given... which ultimately is the Lord right?

It gets me thinking that there are things that I would like to pass on to my children too... the main one obviously being the FAITH. As I teach my children, I want them to know:

1. God loves them, and I want to model this love to them always.
2. that they are being pointed to the Lord, the best friend anyone could ever have.
3. that the things they are receiving are being passed on in prayer.

Some ideas to do this:

LOVE them and show them what mercy is like, and how to exercise it (there are umpteen opportunities to do this daily...).

Pray with them, and let them CATCH ME praying for them, together with my husband.

Keep bringing up God's way in every situation, and at every turn. That's what the bible says to do.

Thanks my friend, for the bible study book. Thanks for always leading me to Jesus, and showing me by example how to follow Him. I am blessed!


Mark Justin Josephs said...

cool blog....

The Barnharts said...

i needed this reminder! thank you for checking out my blog and commenting!

krisijo said...

Thank you! What a great blog! I really needed these blogs, I am running across today! I need to stand up and be strong instead of waiting for someone to drag me along!

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