Saturday, December 27, 2008

For new parents

Two new poems for new parents...

An acrostic (first letter of every line spells a word):

Do not believe
I can catch reprieve
Again from the fountain of
Elevated for me, please
Re-invent the rain bonnet for
Soggy new parents

and a conversation with my newborn:

My tiny babe
as I gaze upon your face
your breath so new
a work of grace

My soul swells
longing to impart
the Breath of Life
upon your heart

My child
as you wrap me in your infant hands
tender and soft, revealing
the Father's plans

My eyes well
longing to behold
the Prince of Peace
upon your soul

My little one
I'm overcome with love for you
precious gift from
He who is true

My heart aches
longing to inscribe
the Word of Love
upon your life.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Oh, that second poem is lovely!

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