Friday, December 19, 2008

Question: children's poetry

Would you read to your child a book of children's poetry, based on the bible? I am writing one and would love feedback on this... thanks!


Christina said...

It would depend on the book: how accurate I felt it was; if there are illustrations, how much I like them; if I found it for a good price; etc. If I liked it and felt like I could afford it, yes, I would definitely read it to my children. I think that well-written poetry is important to expose developing little minds to, and I have more than one books of poetry for children.

Hannah said...

Yes, we would really enjoy something like that. Our poetry books are some of our a well-written book of poems based on the Bible would be all the better.

Rachel said...

Yes, I would -- well written poetry, with beautiful graphics, would be an excellent way to share Bible stories. The musicality of poetry would appeal to my girl -- she loves music.

Have a wonderful weekend.
~~Rachel of Following In My Shoes

Felicia said...

I absolutely would! BTW.. that video about you.. crackin me up still!

I'm glad I found you... or you found me... or however it goes! LOL!

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