Sunday, January 11, 2009

Encouragement for worried moms

I have observed recently that all mothers WORRY. We worry about whether or not our children are getting a good diet, if our babies are stimulated and educated, who their friends are, how much time we spend with them, how much money we make, how much weight we've gained, how much weight we've lost, who put the pork chops in the planter, and how will we ever get rid of the smell?

I see supermoms everywhere! Each morning, I see us frantically tying on our capes, squeezing into shiny blue leotards and praying that we can check off all of the items on our super-list (which makes Santa's puny thing look like a post-it note). We fly off in search of our impossible expectations and fall into bed exhausted. Another day lost. We were only able to do the job of 6 regular humans today. For shame.

What is up with us ladies??? I don't know about you, but I don't look good in blue, especially spandexy metallic blue. So why do I try?

God didn't make supermoms. God is a SUPER GOD and He made moms just the right size to fit into His palm. Do you know Isaiah 40:11? If not, please memorize it. "He gently leads those that have young." How precious is that?

Guess what? Worry is debilitating. It hinders us from doing what we were created to do. Perfectionism is stifling. It destroys our joy. It clogs our perceptions and causes us to see failure where grace should be. And both of these, I hate to say this, affect our families negatively.

Can you picure this? You wake up confident that you will have the resources to do all that God has planned for you to do today, so you smile and thank Him. You feel fulfilled and relaxed from the time you stretch out of bed, knowing that super God has all of today's challenges and problems already well in hand. You hug and delight in your children knowing that the Lord is leading you as you lead them, and that they are a gift from Him, and you are the mom He has designed especially for their needs. You have it all. No resources missing. No worries. Just joy, and motivation and freedom.

This is a picture of our calling. Relaxed Motherhood. This is what I want to encourage you to. We need laughter for our journey and to pass on to the next generation (thats in Proverbs 31 - she can laugh at the days to come... its not just a list of do's, its a picture of what we can do with joy when we have the Lord on our side). Did you also know that the Bible says that God has given us all things for our enjoyment??? Its in the new testament. Look it up! What another great verse. I want to see more moms smiling in genuine delight at life. Prayers and hugs for you all. We are blessed.


Anonymous said...

This is SOO good! I am not a mom yet, but it still encouraged my heart...thank youuuu! =)

Christina said...

; ) Relaxed Motherhood is something God is working on me about too, and it's a good thing He's patient!

Tammie said...

i LOVE that verse.

jcdisciple said...


I am cracking up at the video!! Love the "REALNESS"!! What a hoot! You mean Christians actually *#@*! Love it!! Haa Haa Haa

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