Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do not hinder them. Let the little children come...

As a parent of 4 young boys, I get tired. Often. And overwhelmed by how much of me is expected to go around. Sometimes I find it easier to take care of myself... and look for more "me time" to be able to cope with the demands. Sometimes I find myself saying 'no' to requests, not for the kids' sakes, but for mine.

But I am thinking today about the time when Jesus told the disciples to let the little children come to Him and do not hinder them. He said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. I believe that "me time" for moms IS important. Moms need time to refresh and stay healthy and it is a very very demanding job. So where does the line get drawn?

Just thinking out loud... we can't always meet needs in the moment, but we can come back to them and address them at a better time. Here are some situations in which I think a parent should never turn down their children:

A child asks you to:

- pray with them
- talk to them
- be with them
- hug them
- comfort them
- answer a question
- teach them something
- tuck them into bed

Denying a child these opportunities to connect with you, and with the Lord, is a hinderance in their path to Jesus. But let me say, I understand that there are many times you can't meet these needs in the moment requested. There are ways to still be there for them:

1) make a "date" for later that day to spend the time
2) refer the child to the other parent who is willing and immediately available (then go for a hug later)
3) tell them you love them and pray with them a short prayer immediately, following up with a longer prayer time later

Its more a question of consistently I think. As I said, I've been tired... and I need to continually pray for more grace and more strength to meet the needs of my many little ones.

Prayers and blessings for you



jcdisciple said...

Wonderfully practical post. I struggle with just one child...prayers are with you and others who have multiple little demands all day.

jennifer said...

Ouch my toes. This was an awesome post. I spend an awful lot of my time tired, or just distracted. The Lord will give me the focus I need to be a good parent if I will seek Him.

Again, awesome post.

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