Friday, April 24, 2009

On Teaching kids about God - Follow Through is important!

How many kid's devotional books do you own? Number of bibles? Bible story books? I think we have about a thousand... I love Christian book stores, and I love new things, but in terms of teaching children about God, there is one thing to keep in mind - NEWER is not always BETTER.

My 6 year old son is standing next to me as I write, and I asked him, What do you know about God? He responded, "Oh! I know a lot about God. I know He created everything!" I have to smile.

He knows lots about the bible and the prophets, Jesus and the apostles, and of course, the armor of God (he is a boy after all), but it struck me that what he really knows (and I mean really really, really knows) is that God made everything.

Me: "What did God make on day 4?"
J: "The stars!"

He knows the ins and outs of the creation story like the back of his hand. That got me thinking that follow-through in terms of teaching kids about faith is very very improtant. You buy a devotional book, where does it begin? Creation. You buy a new bible. Where does it start? Creation.

If we want our kids to get the whole picture.. we have to follow through and read the whole book. I love new things, but I can easily get side-tracked when the new becomes old, and I look for something else. Wonderfully though, kids are not like that. They love routine and tradition as much as they like new stuff. I am reminded that there are some pretty great devotionals around here that I should be making use of. :)

Also, we need to remember that THE OLDEST THING IS THE BEST THING. Of course I am talking about God's Word, and better yet, God Himself. But maybe "old" is not a good word to describe Him... how about timeless... forever... unchanging... all-powerful... complete... and forever-new. Yes, that's my God!


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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Keep teaching...all the way through the cross. In this case, follow-through is everything!

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