Saturday, April 25, 2009

Questioning God...

It just occurred to me that what we don't know about God, can help our kids. Think about it. Do you have questions about God? Doubts? Things you don't understand? Of course, don't we all? The question is... do you go about finding the answers?

I bet that the same things that we are confused about are things that our kids think about too. Many times I've had my son ask me something about the faith that leaves me stuttering and dropping food out of my mouth while I say "uh... uh, well.." While it can be embarrassing to admit to not knowing everything, it is a great opportunity to do some research together. Why not look in the bible together to find those answers?

What about questions that you have that you have just overlooked? How about researching what the bible and others have to say on the subject, and then asking your child what they think? What a great way to start conversations and address potential stumbling blocks in our babies' journey.

What we don't know can't hurt us... if we use it as a stepping block in seeking the Lord! Seek him together with your little ones. Their faith and curiosity is wonderful and inspiring. Let it be a mutual encouragement.

Prayers for you,


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