Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a child Hears, He learns

I just blogged on the Homemakers' Library about my morning from you know where... and how I got reprimanded by my doctor for my insensitivity in being late for my appointment (four kids, two barf buckets, and a baby in diapers make it hard for anyone to get anywhere, let alone on time). I had a hard week and my gp stepped in with words that really hurt me at a time when I needed compassion. And I had to choose how to respond.

I know how I wanted to respond... but somehow I don't think it would have glorified the Lord, and I looked around at my four babies and wondered what my response would teach them. Have you ever noticed that kids are always listening? I can be having a very quiet conversation with my husband in the front of the van when suddenly my 8 year old will pipe up with a drilling question about it. Ugh....

The selective hearing my children seem to exhibit is just an elaborate front to throw me off the scent... they are watching, listening and learning from all of my habits... good and bad. So I had a very distatsteful pill to swallow when I (finally) kindly apologized to my doctor and told him I would try not to be late again. I hope the kids were listening.

But I know it takes more than one righteous action to teach my children how to live for God. Its the habits, of loving the unlovable, forgiving and praying and being grateful for His mercy, that help them to form their views of right and wrong. More than what I say, they learn by what I do... over and over.

Lord help me! I sure do need Your grace to change....


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