Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lunch Box Bible Lessons

My kids love to write me notes and draw me pictures. I get so many precious expressions of love and affection that I run out of room to post them on the wall. Children are just so full of open-hearted love, and I have found that they adore receiving notes from mom and dad as well.

When my second son turned 3, I sewed two large pillows for him - one of Bob the Tomato and one of Larry the Cucumber. Boy did he like them! And amazing to me, he was especially enamored of them because I took the time to make them for him. In fact, all of my sons crave affection from us pretty much all of the time. God made them that way!

So I love writing lunch box notes to my kids while they are in school. It is a personal way to connect with them, encourage them and love them while I can't actually be present. A quick note saying I love you, or written with a bible verse I know they need that day... is special to them and expands their heart for me and for God.

Not every day... or it might lose it's "specialness", but I really recommend the lunch box as a way to connect with your little ones today and encourage them in the Lord! Praise God for His love and kindness,


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Angie said...

This is a good reminder for me. I do that the first few weeks of school and then forget.

We also have little notebooks that we send back and forth to each other...father/son, mother/daughter. We jot down little questions and thoughts for each other and hide them under our pillows. We call it "pillow talk".

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