Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Bible Teaching Ideas for Young Children!

Here is a great idea about how to get your little ones fully engaged in learning about the bible! My husband will have them read (or read to them) a bible story, and then give them a few minutes to think about it. In that time, they come up with questions to quiz DAD about. They can even have rewards like stickers to put on the "student" parent if the correct answer is given. My kids LOVE this... and daddy usually ends up covered with car and happy face stickers (LOL). The great part is, that it gets the kids thinking, because they have to know the answer before they can ask a question (sometimes the student helps out with this... that's ok!).

The younger members of the family always join in our bible-time. They may not be ready to participate but it teaches them so much just to be present and see that bible study happens and is important. :-) And they sure do get eager to join in...

Prayers for you,


Angie said...

A wonderful way to encourage interaction. Love it! I'd say that would work with children of any age.

Everyday M.moms said...

Happy mother's day, we wish you the best of all blessings and we have made a little something for you:

God bless you,


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