Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reinforcing bible stories in a fun way!

A really easy and fun way to reinforce bible truths in our little ones is to read from the bible, and have them act out what they heard. My hubby and I love this. Our kids have fun doing it and it is so effective! They have to:

- identify with the bible person emotionally, spiritually, and physically

- picture the environment and how the times might have been

- try to understand how God interacted and fit into life in that circumstance (and thus learning how He fits into their's)

- understand the event well enough to act it out.

It's so great because it reinforces not only the bible story and how it happened, but also makes it easier for them to download the bible as reality. It encourages them to live, love and laugh with the Word of God. We all need a real relationship with our Creator and not just a book to read. I find it really exciting to see my kids eager to interact with God this way!

The Word tell us to rejoice! And this is so much fun. Hope it can be for you too...



Omah's Helping Hands said...

What an awesome idea! I like it. Such a great blog to visit. You are so full of ideas. I really need this in order to strengthen the grand kids in the Lord. Thank you and God Bless!

C.R. Urban Homesteader's said...

Thank you for the great idea!

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