Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Choose a Children's Devotional Book

There are so many devotional books for children out there that it can be hard to decide which is best. I like a devotional book that is simple, attractive to children, and with relevant topics. What do I mean by relevant? Things that are:

1) Concrete. Children are not abstract thinkers. You need to tell them the facts straight, without using a lot of imagery and metaphors, until they are old enough to understand them.

2) Understandable. Topics should cover things that are realities in a child's life. If the kids are not in school yet, then books about bullying and homework may be above their heads. Think of your child and what they need to learn.

3) Biblical. Devotionals should teach truths about God. The focus should not be on self, but on the Lord. The truths should be true... know the background of the person who wrote the book.

4) Easy to use. Devotionals for young children should be attractive to both child and parent. Illustraions are good. Big, thin books are better... they are visually appealing and not overwhelming in content. Do it together. Enjoy it.

So, how about a recommendation? I like Small Talks about God, by Kenneth Taylor. Look through Amazon or and see what you like. They often include views of the table of contents and sample chapters. Devotional times are important opportunities to connect with your kids on a social and spiritual level. Enjoy!

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